Saturday, August 18, 2018

Here are.all three of my babies that were adopted from the shelter. Let's just say it's triple Happy Tails. Skye, Gus and Lola are all doing well. Skye loves to play with Gus and she gets along with everybody except my Ellie who also loves Gus. LOL, in time they will be fine. Every week Skye and I go down to visit her original mom at Sophia’s manor. Wendy still remembers her baby and always happy to see her. Skye is still very shy around people but acts like a pup the rest of the time. She will be 9 next month. Gus and Lola are also doing great. LOLA is my lap dog and had her spot on the bed each night. She is overcoming her resource guarding and I can now leave the toy crate open for all to play. Gus has been off his anxiety meds since March 17, 2018 and doing well except Gus still does not like people and so he doesn't meet people. I had to up his food because he is constantly playing with Ellie. I kept all their names the same. Love them.  Life is definitely interesting with my mixture of personalities of all my dogs but it wouldn't be Hhome without them. This is their forever home. Thank you.

Willy has been a wonderful dog. He now knows the boundaries of our yard and is very good in our house. So loving, gets along with everything, our kids dogs, our grandkids, other people. We are so glad we got him. 

Thank you so much.

Yes, all is well and we are all very happy. Dash is now Dax and he is amazing. We did have some biting in high stress situations but he is so smart and wants to be a good dog. He is truly a special dog and we are very thankful we found him. 

Thanks very much!