Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sorry I haven't responded to your email earlier.  I have been sick with the flu and I'm just now feeling better.

Clyde was renamed Ralph and Bonnie was renamed Rachael.  Rachael had a problem with one of her stitches from being spayed and after a trip to the vet and some antibiotics she is doing fine.

They are both very devoted to each other and are loving and kind dogs.  They play together and like to play with their toys and seem happy.  They have good appetites and love watermelon.  I got stairs for them to get up to the bed easily and they love bedtime and snuggling with me under the covers.

That being said they have problems.  I'm having quite a time trying to potty train them.  The weather is supposed to get warmer and we're hoping we can take them out and train them that way.  They also want to chew and scratch.  They have done some damage to the carpet with going potty on it and also scratching and I just caught Ralph chewing on the furniture and doing some damage.  So, needless to say I have reservations about what I can do about this.  I'm hoping to put them in an obedience class.  It might not have gotten this far if I hadn't been sick for so long.  We are hoping for the best.  We love the little ones and want to make this work.

I will let you know how it goes in the future.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Cosmo (Jenna's new name for Peridot) has been very friendly and doesn't appear to be stressed out. He's been using the litter box so far! He like the laser light the most. I visited Jenna yesterday and Cosmo was curled up on Jenna's bed. He slept with her the first two nights.

I just wanted to touch base with you on Percy!  We re-named him Butters and he is such a delight!!  We love him to death! After three days of our car, Charlie, hissing and moaning at Butters (through a closed door), we finally broke the ice between them last Friday when my daughter came home with Cat nip bubble blowing stuff from Walmart! The cats loved it and since then have developed a great relationship. They play constantly and have even started sleeping curled up together. Our dog, Queenie B, is tolerant of the new cat and curious but Butters has swatted her a few times so she stays clear for the most part! All in all, they are all getting along and sharing the space well. Butters has turned out to be less of a couch potato and more of a playful kitten! Which is good. It is not too crazy and he still loves to be held as well and has a loud motor at night. I have noticed he loves to use his paws (front) almost like hands. He will reach out and touch things and people rather than smelling. At night, he slept on my bed and still does even though he now has run of the house - and will lay his paw on my hand as he falls asleep. It is super sweet! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know he is doing great and I would love to send you a couple of pictures - not sure how to do it on this contact email. Take care - thank you so much for everything. Butters (Percy) has been exactly what we needed to (try) fill the great gap that loosing Daisy left in our home. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our little Tootsie is doing very well she loves playing with our chocolate lab, Grizzly, and snuggles with our grandson. She loves spending time with me when I am reading. In the mornings and evenings she is full of energy, runs all over, plays with yarn and other goodies. She loves watching the birds out the window and when nighttime comes she sleeps next to Grizzly.  Something that is so sweet is when my grandson comes, he talks and sings to her. When he is done, he brings her to me and she is so relaxed and calm then. She was named Sunshine by the family. She brought lots of sunshine to our lives.