Thursday, December 1, 2016

JASPEN UPDATE – Adopted in June 2013
I went to your site to see what items you might be in need of and saw the picture of me, Jaspen (the black dog) and Normie (Brown dog). I adopted Jaspen from you as a puppy in June of 2013. She has been the most awesome friend. We go camping a lot and she loves it. We camp up in the U.P. and, as you can see, she has visited Mackinaw City, the Soo locks and many other parts of Michigan. She has been in 3 of the Great Lakes and this year we hope to visit the other two, so she can put on her resume' that she has swan in all 5! This year she actually started swimming. I'm pretty sure she is part hound so although the Lab in her loves to go in the water, the hound part took 3 years to go deep enough to swim. She actually likes it now! She still loves ice cream and that is a frequent stop no matter where we are. When we go to Mackinaw city we always eat at Scallawags. She loves their whitefish. (She has actually made me quit eating at McDonald's. I bought her a hamburger there on 2 occasions and she threw up both times. I figured how bad can the food be if it makes a dog sick? Haven't eaten there since!) She loves to travel - doesn't matter where, just as long as she can come along. Normie gets to join us on a lot of our trips. He loves camping too! It's amazing how people gravitate to people who have dogs. I have met so many nice people who just come over to the camper and ask if they can pet the dog, which is usually followed by a story of their own. We were camping in St. Ignace and met a little girl named Courtney, while sitting down by Lake Huron. She came over to pet Jaspen and stayed for quite a long visit. The next day we were downtown looking at a big display on main street and out of the crowd of hundreds I heard, "It's Jaspen" and her comes Courtney to give Jaspen a hug! So many good memories shared with her. She sleeps in my bed, but likes her space, until my other dog (Spud) is sleeping next to me and she wants to be there, then she makes grunting noises so that I move him. I cannot express how much I love her and how much she has added to my life. I got her at a very dark time in my life and she helped me see the sun again, something I can never repay her for. As you can see, she's quite a ham about having her picture taken! My sun rises and sets on her! Thanks

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hello Pam, so sorry not to get back to you sooner.  Just plain busy and our new "little one" ads to the busy-ness! All is well, still working on the potty training and trying to get her to eat/drink out of the bowls (still afraid). She is such a sweetheart and have altered her name from Amethyst to Amythyst, Amy for short. Will send pics hopefully sometime soon.  Thanks for checking on Amy.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thank you Pam!

She is doing great! I changed her name to Kali. she is having a blast ruling the house. All of the dogs know that she is in charge. She loves to hide and scare them. She thinks she is a dog. She eats with them and waits for them by the door when they go outside. Kali also like to scare my fiance John. she hides in bags and jumps out at him. It's so fun. she is definitely my baby. sleeps and cuddles and purs non stop.

I will bring her in to see everyone soon. So happy she is part of our lives!