Sunday, October 23, 2016

I left a message for the daughter of the gentleman (Stan) that adopted Missy the cat. She called back and left a voice mail message on my phone that everything is going great. She reports that Stan loves Missy and Missy loves Stan. Missy likes to sleep on Stan's chest. The daughter said she would try to email more and send pics at a later date. Not sure if they kept the name “Missy?”

Hi sorry about not getting back to you the first time around. Both kitties are doing great though Freddie is not warming up to the dogs as well as Bouington is. But when we don't look Freddie does sleep next to the dogs. If we look he pretends to be mad at them and hisses before laying down next to them. The kitties are fun to watch as they play, and their favorite place to sleep is the scratching pole in the sun.

Thank you

Sorry Bouington use to be Xaviar.

Hi Pam, I have been in touch with Cherie re: Buttons, who is now known as Taz.  For Tasmanian devil, if that gives you any idea of how things are going, ha ha.  Rough start with Taz as he was/is very aggressive towards other dogs.  We had some pretty bad scuffles with my other dogs, but this is getting much better although it did happen again today on our walk.  I have 2 other dogs and we encountered another dog and Taz went crazy barking and pulling at the leash.  When he couldn't get at the other dog, he attacked Dusty (miniature poodle) and I had to raise him off the ground to get them apart.  He has never really bitten or drawn blood.  I need to be more aware that this can happen and avoid other dogs if at all possible.  On the plus side, things are going really well in the house-no attacks in over a week and Taz has been starting to relax and know that this is his forever home.  Taz is my third rescue dog, and they all need time to adjust.  He is very playful and loves his walks, he is eating well, and is very cuddly.  I think he will be perfect!