Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tui aka Chloe!

I am unable to send pictures over the internet so unfortunately, you won't receive pictures of the gorgeous and delightful Chloe (now Tui).
She is very happy here and we're daffy with joy having her here.  We're learning her likes (cat dancer, paws down the favorite toy) and dislikes (no paper Chinese yo-yo's for her even though that is our other cat's favorite).  I can hardly believe she hasn't been here for years.  The sounds of her pounding up and down the hallway are so familiar now.  She loves exploring every nook and cranny of the house.  She is beautiful, alert, intelligent, loving, stable. 
Our only difficulty is integrating our 10 year old female cat and Tui.  Tui had exactly zero problems with the dogs.  But Pipit cat is not accepting Tui's presence yet.  We have Tui in a "quiet room" and Pipit is often closed in another room so each perdioically has the run the of house without the other present.  We have kitty pheromones running in both cats' rooms.  They interact two or three times a day (sometimes unintentionally when one escapes into the house before the other is put in her room).  The intentional times, we are armed with toys so they play side by side with separate toys.  We'll see a bit of progress in the acceptance by the older cat but that seems always to be followed by a large step backward with hissing, swiping paws, and even chasing.  Have you any advice (beyond patience) for helping the two get along, at least as far as reaching detente? 
Thanks for the lovely work you do.
Peace, Carol

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Emmy is wonderful! She is getting along well with our cats and loves the neighbor kids. She is starting dog training on Oct 4th for 8 weeks in hopes to resolve her aggression towards other dogs, although she is getting much better with that. She has learned how to fetch and is starting to play with a Frisbee. She is absolutely wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier! I'll send pictures soon.
We did sign up for the 30 days + 15 extra health insurance for her. Thank you for making that available for us.
Take care ~ Molly

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sierra formerly Liv!

I just thought i should let you know her heartworm is gone. We are also starting some training with her at Sit Means Sit it is an awesome program.  Here is some more picks. Also if you happen to have any more huskies come along let us know.


Cali is doing fine, adjusting to the other cats & much smarter than the other two!
Eating very good, full of energy, very active & very loving......she is just a sweethearts.  Sits on top of the tree stand most of the time. 
When I picked her up the first thing she did was jump on my back.  Accepted me right away!


Ping & Pong!

They are very spoiled and follow us around. They start purring the minute you start petting them. They have moved in and took over and love them to pieces! The dogs like them too and hey like the dogs.  Rich calls them Fred and Barnie instead of ping and pong because he couldn't keep which one was which. They come as soon as we call them and their favorite thing to do is is in the bay window and watch the birds in the feeder.  Barnie is still a little shy but Fred wants to be in all the action. 

All is well!



 You're right -- it has been exactly a week ago today that I drove home with Iris. She is such a sweet dog. We love her already. She gets along with everyone, including our cat and little norwich terrier Louie. Our youngest daughter Molly loves taking her for a walk and feeding her.

We are slowly teaching her that being indoors is not a bad thing. She is very apprehensive about coming inside and would prefer to be outside all the time. We have to put her on a lead to bring her inside. She is scared of city living -- noises outside our fenced in back yard, cars and even walking on the sidewalk. All these things are new to her but she's coming along and slowly making strides.

She does not know how to go up and down a large number of stairs. We're working on that, too. We all sleep upstairs and she's been sleeping on the main floor with Louie. She has the couch and Louie sleeps underneath it. It all works out but I plan on teaching her the stairs in a couple of weeks. I'll let her get used to the household first before we really tackle the steps.

Lucas was right, she is a great dog. We're thrilled that we found her. Thank you for everything you did for her while she was with you all. Kathleen


Duncan is doing very well.  He is still pretty timid around new people and our 3 cats, but loves to run in the big backyard.  He has been going to Branton's baseball games with us and has done quite well there. We will be starting to work with him on training this week.  We wanted to give him time to  come out of his shell a bit before worrying about teaching him commands but he quickly learned "outside".  He loves to chew up the beds he has had in his kennel (still trying to find a true chew resistant one!) although he is not kept in the kennel often.  He uses the kennel as his security blanket at this point.  He has been sleeping in our room next to or even under the bed (not sure why on under..)  It will take him some time to be more comfortable and less timid, but he is doing great.  He has a fantastic demeanor and we love having him!!

I do have one question.  The medical records indicate you used frontline, but I thought I had been told that you were trying a new product?  Would you be able to tell me what that product was?

Thank you for helping us find Duncan, we are thrilled!

Rusty aka Flynn O'Malley

I changed Rustys name to Flynn O'Malley...thought he should have an Irish name  :) He is doing amazing!! We love him so much! He fits into the family perfectly and gets along great with his dog brother! Thank you for checking in on us. You guys are awesome there, I was very impressed :)
Thank you,

Harley aka Sadie!

Hi, my name is Sue and I adopted Harley now named Sadie back in April. I just wanted to let you know she is doing great. I adopted her a friend about a week ago. They get along great. Her name is Rose and she is a hound mix. I tell them they look like sisters. Just wanted to update you on how she is doing.  Here is a video I hope you can view. Thanks for such a great dog. Sue

Sadie aka Bailey!

"Sadie" is doing so well!  However, we actually changed her name to Bailey.  It seems she's getting bigger and growing everyday.  She is also one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met.  We can always count on her to give us some love and we love taking care of her.  She's adapted to her home really well and hasn't even had one "potty" accident.  We love that we get to have her as part of our family now; she makes it all the better.  We have attached a picture of her snuggling like she loves to do.  Thanks so much for your organization!
Karlye (and Cole)


We just wanted to give you guys another update on Otis!! We could never imagine our lives without him.  He is such a good boy, he is so loving, and loves to snuggle every chance he gets!  His favorite things to do is to play in the backyard with his favorite toys (especially his blue bone), going for nice walks in the neighborhood including going to the dog park, and going to the Lakewalk in our neighborhood on beautiful Lake Superior to walk and people watch.  Everyday someone will stop us to pet him and comment on how cute he is!!  He loves that his dad makes him his special dinners a few times a week which includes steak, chicken, or lamb chops with fresh veggies from an upscale grocery store, and he loves his ice water in a wide glass (we really spoil him).  He has slept in between us since night #1, for being so little he is quite the bed hog!!  He will be getting a sister this weekend, we found her through the Midwest Pug Rescue Minnesota Division. Thank you so much for all the work you do!  We just really love our Otis baby so much, we are so happy every single day with him in our lives!!
Kristi and Don
Attached are some pictures of him!!