Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Good afternoon!  Samantha is doing great!  we call her Sammy now, very playful and gets lots of love!!  she sleeps next to my daughter's head every night and Santa even brought her a stocking this year with lots of toys and yummy treats!  She gives us a good laugh, she's a silly little girl!  We love her tons and I think she knows it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hope you aren't insulted but her name is now Annie.  We really like Jaida just fine, but somehow she seems to us like an Annie.
She is doing just great.  Obviously you people at the shelter worked hard and often with her.  We have detected no behaviors that cause us any alarm.  Thanks for your work.  Annie lives with out two older greyhounds and so far so good.  We also introduced her to one of our cats (very briefly and carefully).  No apparent problems there either.  We do lots of walking because of the health benefits, so Annie puts multi miles on her little legs every day.  Overall, she is a spicy little gundle of energy, but does not show signs of agressions or pushiness.
Thank you for preparing her for life with us.  We will always take care of her and love her as a member of our family.  Perhaps an opportunity will arise when we can bring her for a visit with you at the shelter.  Please relay our thanks to Lucas and the others on the staff.
Bob and Mary Ellen

Update:  Annie came to visit and it was great to see what a happy, healthy and well loved dog she is! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Carly has been switched to Ali and she has figured that out just fine as she larns about her new home.  As I type this she is lying next to me all pooped out from a run with me and our golden retriever Claire, followed up by a surprise visit from on of my good buddies and her 6 month old black lab.  What a play session that was!
She is figuring out things very quickly.  My first impression of her at the shelter was that she was a smart dog and that is definitely proving to be true.  She is great to work with and we are enjoying her very much.  (The cat is not all that fond of her but they'll figure stuff out with a bit more time.)

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis is doing fine!
He has free run of the house and loves looking out the window at the birds.  He gets along very well with out other cat, Rusty...and last night was actually the first night they slept together with me on the bed...he is eating great and has a LOT of new toys!!!
He is a lover and a talker..I am just so happy we got him.  He has started jumping in the tub and drinking the water from the faucet...and when it isn't running, he "talks to me" til I turn it on...funny...Yes, he's spoiled!!
I will keep you updated and thanks for take care of him while he was with you!!
You are wonderful!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello from Cody!

My name is Cody, I'm a cat and I live with a great family near Webster. At the end of the summer, my family brought home a kitten. She was named Missy but my family changed her name to Tasha because it looks like she has a milk mustache. I wasn't sure what to think of her at first but it didn't take us long to become good friends. It's fun having a "sister". We have fun chasing each other and playing hide and seek. We like to sleep near the woodstove now that it's cold outside. Tasha is a lot more curious than I am, especially about our big black lab. She's energetic and even though I'm only 2, she brings out my playful side. When our family is gone during the day, it is really nice having someone else around. We even look like "brother and sister" because I'm also black and white. Deacon, our dog, is entertained by her squeaky voice, although he doesn't think she's so cute when he gets a table scrap and she rushes in to nab the morself for herself. Tasha wants to say that she is very thankful for the Burnett County Humane Society for taking her in. She was sad to be adopted without her brother, Zach, but is happy that he has a new home, too. It did make it easy for her to adapt to me, her new "brother". She'd say more but she just closed her eyes and is resting on the chair near the warm woodstove.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!