Saturday, March 5, 2011


"Soffie" Loran is doing very well....seems to really appreciate a warm, safe home after being a stray and living in a kennel. Yesterday morning when I was barely awake she jumped up on the bed, snuggled up by my shoulder and started purring like a Mercedes before I even touched her or said a word. She chases and is chased by our other cat, Kit, a male who is about 6 years old. They are getting along quite well together...only a few hissy fits.

Soffie has laid come to a favorite chair. Fortunately Kit prefers the sofa so no problem. I thought the chair was mine, so it's fortunate for me that she likes laps too.

Soffie likes the screened porch even in the winter. After all, the squirrels are active and there's still birds at the feeder.

Black was my least favorite color for pets, but she is such a sweetheart and her coat so shiny, she really is a "Beauty in Black." I chose her in the first place because I had read that shelters have a hard time placing black cats (may have been in your news column) and all cats deserve a good home; Now I'm so glad I did.

My husband likes her too. I knew he would...just likes to grumble about pets. Now we each can have a cat in our lap when watching need to be jealous!

Thank you all for the fine work you do in rescuing animals.



Thanks for the e-mail. We have actually renamed him Mojo because he seems to have so much energy and is so loving. We absolutely love him and he has settled in without incident. He is just so friendly and easy going. When we took him to the vet for a ckeck-up, he didn't put up any fuss at all. It only took our other cat a couple days to get used to him and now they seem like best friends. We couldn't be happier. We feel so very blessed to find a new cat like him. Thank you and your staff for being so accomodating and friendly. We know Mojo was well taken care of while he was there at HSBC.

Greg & Rae Marie