Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Grey and Alex

Little Grey is now named Ciner. She and our little maltese dog "Tripper" seem to be in love. Lol. They sleep together, give each other baths, and the dog tries to share his ball and chew toys with her. It is sooooo adorable. She goes around chasing his tail and he pulls her along until shes tired. She is our little explorer. She needs to see what everythig is and what is in every nook and cranny.
Tlex is now names Tanner, with a nickname of Chainsaw. He purrs so loudly, that you can hear him across the house that my finance calls him a little chainsaw. We rub his chin and its like revving up an engine. He has become more of the cuddler, wants to be held as much as possible, and greets me when I get home from work. He doesn't seem to know how to Meow yet. Instead he makes this squirlly sounds. Makes it very eash to know which cat is sneaking up to you.
In the last week and a half they have grown much. We tried keeping them to a few rooms at first but they wanted the whole house. And since they were already litter trained (not a single accident!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) we let them have free roaming. They like to sleep in my daughters bed and hide toys under her desk. They have become more and more playful. They sound like elephants now running through the house when they are wrestling, chasing each other or a ball. They can do quite the acrobatic tricks. THen when the dog gets involved, its so comical watching they all play and chase and when the kittens decide to gang up on him, we laugh all night long.
Anyways - Thank you again for these little ones. They fit into our new home just perfectly and they are very happy.
Jolene Wichlidal