Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rio & Pixie!

Rio and Pixie getting some night time snuggling with my daughter. She truly loves having her kitty's!

Sam Update!

Giving you an update on Sam adopted October 2012. The love feast continues. He is still living the sweet life.  To say he is spoiled is an understatement. Hope the best for you and all your animals. See attached photo. Rhoads family.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Weiser is doing really well!  It took him a couple of days to adjust, but after that he settled in very well.  He is a wonderful dog, just like you said.  We feel blessed to know him.  Our resident 5 year old daughter, Linnea, loves to lie on Weiser's bed with him.  He is very patient with her and even tolerates her putting princess crowns on him.  My Mom has a cute,picture of Weiser with a MN Wild hat on.

Thanks for checking in with us!


Monday, May 26, 2014


It was a rough few weeks. She escaped her crate twice and did some damage. We realized she would rather be outside. This weekend we have had her off the leash and she is doing very well staying in our yard. She loves to run and play fetch and sniff all our wildlife visitors. She is still very timid of my husband but overall loves being with the kids.  Erin 


We are having so much fun with her.  She's an awesome kitty. Sleeps between us at night.
She's eating great,uses her litter box, and plays lots!  


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Zelda Update!

Here's some pix of Zelda for you. She is a real joy to have. She is a wonderful dog, perfect fit for us. She does super with the kids and other people and is exceptionally well behaved.
I have the collar she came home with. As soon as I make it to Siren, I will drop it off.
Thank you for everything


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mufasa now Oso!

Hello I have been thinking about sending you pictures of Oso (mufasa) he is a very good puppy and we are very happy to have him.
He adjusted to our company and home very easy; like he was always here.
We thought that we needed to train him but; he hasn't had any "accidents" in the house and knows how to let us know that he needs to go outside.
He has learned how to seat and shake hands and give me hugs  loves to run around and feel free on the yard.
Oso loves to go for walks and play with the ball and many other toys.
We love Oso!
Thank you

Monday, May 12, 2014


HSBC Picture
She is just absolutley wonderful. Could not have found a better match for our family. She is so sweet and does so well in so many areas. A little protective when the cat is around or other dogs but nothing we cannot work on with her. All our pics are on are phones but when we get one with our camera I will for sure send.  Thank you for checking in WE LOVE HER.

Tom now Bruno!

HSBC Picture
Tom, now Bruno, is doing great!  He is awesome.  This kids love him.  We take him for walks twice a day and he really enjoys that.  We have not had one issue with him at all.  He listens to whatever we ask.  He will go by the door is he needs to go out.  He is just a amazing dog!  I have a pic for you here.  We will keep in touch.
Dan and Elizabeth


I sent the attached photo last week-more at home. 

When you get the edge off all that energy she is great, not saying the energy is bad but I can see where many people would get overwhelmed. We just tag team Pearl at that point so no one person gets stuck with all the energy. 
Pearl has quieted down somewhat, you'd probably say a lot actually. She goes thru 15-20 minutes of serious craziness then settles down nicely a few times a day. She is a fast learner with obedience as long as there are no NEW distractions around. Once she sees things a few times then that settles down. 

The last couple days she has started to look for things to chew on-destroying several dog toys and has gotten hold of a few not so good items. The kids kinda slacked off on picking their stuff up when Pearl was leaving things alone-now they are back to picking stuff up and putting things away. (Blessing and curse all in one.)  
There are still a few potty issues-peeing in the house mostly after she goes thru a wild stage and you don't get her outside fast enough. We are all learning to start getting your shoes/jacket on so someone is ready to head out with her when she pauses. 
She has done well as far as potty goes in kennel and Nick's room-where she sleeps at night. 

She must have spent a lot of time in the kennel before us-it took a bit to get her in. The longest she has stayed in the kennel here was 4 hours one day otherwise 30 min to 2 hours has been it. Now she goes in to sleep on her own or just to be alone with a toy and it does not take much to get her in if we need a break for a while. 

Annie finally voiced her opinion of Pearl after almost a week. Nothing much, just a bark/growl thing that gets Pearls attention when the play goes too far and Pearl backs off. Suzie does play with her but then it gets to rough and she puts Pearl in her place. 
Pearl gets rammy but she also is starting to understand when we ask her to stop or settle down. I'm pretty sure the first couple days Annie and Suzie would have told us to take her back where she came from if they could have talked. Now they too start the play sessions but at a much lower energy level. 

Vet checked out stitches, the bruising was almost gone on Thursday when the vet was here, he said keep an eye on swelling and bring her in if after another week it was still an issue. If the swelling is gone I'll take the stitches out myself. Stool sample had tape worms-the wormer came Saturday from the vet. 

When she settles down we see the dog that will be here long term-after this crazy stage is grown out. She is such a snuggler, lover and has a crazy personality. Nicole is getting excited for showing her. Our county dog show is during State Fair so we will miss that but she has her eye on taking her to the State 4-h dog show. THAT will be distracting! Hopefully by then we will have exposed her to enough crazy things she does just fine. 
I'll have to get more pics off from home. 

Big Guy!

HSBC Picture
Thanks for checking in. Big Guy is mostly sticking it out in one room (our bedroom) as he warms up to his new home. Our bedroom has a lovely picture window and plenty of toys and room to recreate as he gets to know our place. He ventures around the house at night and has also been trying to play with us in the middle of the night (cute but annoying). He is a wonderful cat and we adore him. So all in all - he is happy and we are happy! His coat is just amazing and we love his cute pink nose. He likes to give kisses.

Shocking that he chose to rough it for six days out in the wilderness! He is eating and pooping in the right place. Big bonuses!

I will email a photo soon.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Dixie is doing great.  Last weekend we took her out in the woods to get a load of wood.  She had a great time running around the woods with the other two dogs!  She was VERY tired that night - see the picture.  She actually sleeps really good at night.  She has only had a few "accidents" in the house but is doing good with that too.
The only thing she does not like is being in her kennel during the day when we are gone.  She has lots of room, food and shelter but likes being with people.  She is very excited when someone gets home and she can run again.  We are enjoying her and I think she really likes being here.  She has made herself at home.
Thank you.
The Anderson Family

Thursday, May 1, 2014

RJ now Tigger!

HSBC Picture
Just a note to say that R.J. is doing great.  I have given him a new name "Tigger", he is a very active little guy and a lot of fun.  When I get some pictures of him I will e-mail them to you.

Billie now Suki!

We just love Suki! She is so cute and mild mannered. She adjusted right away, no problems at all. Good eater and potty goer! She drinks a normal amount of water and didn't mind her nails being clipped.
She's a gem! Here's a quick pic of her this morning after play session. All tuckered out.