Monday, September 26, 2011

Dudley and Jose

The boys are doing fabulous! We have given them new names - Starsky and Hutch. Jose is Starsky and Dudley is Hutch. We enjoy them so much, each day is a new adventure for them as us as well. I had no idea how high they can jump! Jose decided he enjoys sitting on the top of my refrigerator and some times the top of my kitchen cupboards is one of his favorite spots. Dudley is a little less adventurous. He does enjoy spending time on the back of my couch calling to the birds and catching flies, he also likes sitting on my dresser. But one thing is for certain, where one is the other is not too far away. They love finding new things and actually talk back to us when we talk to them. They have no problem feeling right at home on my bed. One of my favorite things to see is when they lay on the floor and actually hug each other and fall asleep that way. We are all very happy to have them in our lives, they are a wonderful addition. Thank you for the opportunity - we are so greatful!
Much appreciation,
Mary Bergeron & family

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bertha renamed Daisy!

Bertha is doing very well.  We have renamed her "Daisy" and she responded to her new name right away.  She follows us everywhere in the house and she likes exploring her new yard.  And she still loves belly rubs and a lot of attention.  We are very happy with her.

A lot of her characteristics and actions remind us a lot of Bob's brother's old dog Cody.  He was an Australian Shepard and she reminds us of him a lot.

Attached is a picture of her.


Carolyn and Bob Penders

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sorry for not responding sooner, but I don't check my email very often! Luca is doing great. He has settled into our schedule and adores our girls! Our cats are slow to come around, and it would help if Luca wasn't trying to play with them the instant he sees them! We have figured out what his likes (chewies and a kong filled with PB and treats) and dislikes are (any stuffed toy is shredded instantly) rather quickly. We had company this past weekend and he did great with 2 extra guests in the house. He loves to take walks and enjoyed our hike last weekend at the state park in Luck. We look forward to many happy years with our new pooch! Thanks so much for all you guys do there!!

The Chartrand Family- Andy, Sarah, Natalie and Amelia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello from Shadow!

Hello from Shadow and her new companions, Scooby and Little Girl! They all gave me a new name, a little more "flower-y" than Shadow. My family calls me "Daisey" now.
I am fantastic! I learned from my new owner that I am a breed called a "Russian Blue" and have the white powdered sugar sprinkles on my tail, which proves it! I sleep in between my new mum and pop every night, and cry if they go away. Of course, I wait by the door until they get home, and am the first to greet them. They have dry food and fresh water daily, and I have already gained some weight!
I have the run of a big house, but never go outside. I have two screen porches to sit on where I watch chipmonks, birds and squireels. I can't wait 'til mum opens the big door each morning so I can go on the screen porch with my brother and sister. They like me fine, and I play "Catchers" with the big guy, Scooby. Little Girl likes me, too.
My new owners LOVE ME VERY MUCH, and I love them too. I am glad you kept me safe and warm for so long, so I could have a good home now.
Bye for now,

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Paco is doing really well!

He is totally house trained, loves to go for walks and his favorite toy is a stuffed eyeball that fell off of one of Aja's bigger toys. He likes to sleep UNDER the covers, thank you very much, and if not allowed to do so will look at you with a look that Sarah McLaughlin could write a song about. Paco comes to work with me at the vet clinic almost every day where, of course, everyone loves him. :)

Thanks so much for taking care of him all that time, I'm, sure he would tell you It was well worth it!



Meeko has settled in very well. He is the class star and is completely hours trained. He still gets excited around other dogs and has a hard time listening when his is distracted, but he is learning quickly. He is such a blessing in my home and brightens every day. Thank you so much for helping me adopt him.


Hey there!
Nubbins (Anni) is doing great! She's healthy, happy and has easily blended into our family. Our 10 year old collie Hester has taken to her with no problems....though gets annoyed with her puppy behavior and nibble attacks! Nubbins is really sweet and relaxed most of the time, but has her pupy spaz attacks a few times a day. She's diong great with potty training...only 1 or 2 accidents a week. She is super snuggly, super sneaky, super cute, super nibbly, super pain in the "A" sometimes...but all in all SUPER! We'll bring her by for a visit this Sept. when we're at our cabin in Siren.
Thanks again and see you soon!
Krista and Joe Donahue